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Barklyn Organics

"Imagine eating fast food every day of your entire life. That’s what we’re doing to our animals by feeding them commercial dog food." Danielle Rapin, Chef and Co-Founder

Dyana and Danielle rescued their pup, Baci, from a shelter after she was red listed for all her health issues. Being a chef, Danielle immediately wondered if there was something in Baci’s diet that could be causing her ailments. Invested in healthy cooking and armed with a degree in advanced canine nutrition, she started feeding Baci a free ranged and locally sourced diet. After a week she began to heal and within a year she was a different dog. Barklyn Organics was born.

Barklyn is OBSESSED with creating the PERFECT dog food, continuously incorporating NEW food concepts based on ever evolving nutritional BREAKTHROUGHS in canine health. Their ingredients are sourced fresh at the local farmer's market, their food is SLOW COOKED in SMALL BATCHES.