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Brooklyn Roasting Company

Michael Pollack and Jim Munson by Circe Hamilton

The Brooklyn Roasting Company offers the best quality Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic certified and sustainable coffees.

They buy superbly flavorful certified coffees because that’s the best way to ensure that farmers receive fair payment for the crops they grow and harvest. To guarantee truly exemplary cup quality, they rigorously taste all of their coffees before deciding whether or not to buy them, and again before they ship whenever possible.

Brooklyn Roasting Company roasts the beans they purchase in small batches in their Loring Kestrel 1/2 bag roaster — the most advanced small-scale commercial roaster available — to “dial in” the perfect roast and most ideal cup profile. They know that what they package for sale to their customers is delicious because they’ve built a quality control system. They’re pretty serious about “green thinking” recycled materials and refurbished equipment use, clean-powered distribution (bicycle and bio-deisel van), and old-fashioned friendliness. They’re not really coffee snobs, they’re just very dedicated coffee lovers that only settle for the best.