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Cocktail Crate

Alex Abbott Boyd, founder of Cocktail Crate had a passion for his beverages that took him from Kalamazoo to the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. He traveled the world to get his hands on the perfect glass of beer, to learn about organic teas from the source and to consult beverage companies from Reno Nevada to Cairo, Egypt.

But for the past five years, his devotion has been to Cocktails. Fascinating and colorful histories, hidden bars, innovative ingredients, he became hooked on it all. Devouring every book he could find on mixology, he began experimenting at home with his own drink recipes and Cocktail Crate was born.

With Cocktail Crate, Alex is using everything he learned about great drinks in order to craft cocktail mixers. He hopes your enjoy these artisan mixers as much as he's enjoyed the journey that brought them to you.