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Food Snob Inc.

Ygael Tresser

Ygael started Food Snob Inc. in order to bring over 20 years of his culinary experience and expertise to fellow chefs, home cooks, and culinary adventurers. Ygael was born to a French father and a Moroccan mother; a great cook. They moved around a lot between France and Israel before finally settling in the US where cooking became the family business in the form of a catering company which Ygael now runs.

His Harissa marks the beginning of the Food Snob story. It is prepared in small batches using varieties of peppers, red jalapeño, fresno, cayenne, cherry bomb, and finger house. A secret recipe he created while running the kitchen at TriBeCa's Silver Lining, his Harissa is alway fresh, never frozen or dehydrated. Fresh garlic, virgin olive oil from Greece, spices imported from India and the highest quality tomato paste are the final ingredients to make this Harissa stand apart.