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In Pursuit of Tea

Sebastian Beckwith by Kristin Oliver

For U.S. consumers, buying good tea is difficult and great teas are still a rarity. The art of growing tea has developed over centuries, and as with great wines it has been handed down through generations, varying according to region. In Pursuit of Tea explores remote areas and supplies the finest teas available, some of which seldom leave the country in which they are grown.
Each year, Sebastian spends time sourcing teas from origin, selecting full leaf and organically grown teas when possible, often purchasing from small farms or collectives. These loose-leaf teas are crafted with great care, most of them picked and processed by hand, and they are to be enjoyed for their natural flavors and aromas. Each tea contains, within its leaves, the promise of a new journey, full of wonder and peace.  

Feature: A sampler's paradise