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Lone Mountain Wagyu

Bob Estrin - Founder/President

The Lone Mountain Ranch has been family owned for over 50 years. Located in Golden, New Mexico, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque on the historic Turquoise Trail, the Lone Mountain Ranch is a 27,000-acre plot with a vibrant ecosystem anchored by the lone mountain that guards the valley.

Since 1965, the Ranch served as the stomping grounds for the extended family while they raised various breeds of commercial cattle. Mary Lloyd Estrin and her husband Robert (Bob) Estrin took the reins of the Ranch in the mid-90s. After experiencing Wagyu beef at a Santa Monica restaurant in 2004, Bob knew the future of the family Ranch lay on his plate. In 2005, Bob purchased his first two 100% Fullblood Wagyu Bulls, transitioning the entire herd from conventional cattle to 100% Fullblood Wagyu by 2008.

Originally from New Mexico, Bob built a career as an acclaimed Hollywood film editor for classic films including The Candidate, Badlands, and A River Runs Through It. Since inheriting the family business, Bob has immersed himself in learning everything he can about Wagyu—traveling to Japan, studying historical texts, and serving as the President of the American Wagyu Association in 2011. He is currently translating the definitive text (roughly translated as) The 100 Greatest Wagyu of Japan in efforts to educate the industry on the history of Wagyu and its future in America.