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Masala Mama

Nidhi Jalan

Growing up, Nidhi Jalan, AKA The Masala Mama, spent hours talking to her friends' mothers and cooks, learning their recipes and India’s many regional culinary traditions. She began systematically exploring these cuisines, befriending cooks and scouring obscure cookbooks for gems. 

She moved to New York to study art, but soon realized that what she really wanted was to make food her art. One evening at a dinner party the host complained about how long it took her to prepare Indian food. “If only it wasn’t so hard to find the spices, and then roast and grind them and get exactly the right balance, I would make it more often,” she said.

That night young Masala Mama went home with a gleam in her eye and a dream in her head.

Enjoy the dream.