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Nashoba Brook Bakery

Stuart Witt 

Nashoba Brook Bakery opened for business in 1998 in an old warehouse in Concord, Massachusetts on the banks of Nashoba Brook. Co-owners, Stuart Witt and John Gates, who had been friends since high school, dreamed about and planned for that day for years. Before opening his own bakery, Stu had worked for a successful artisan bread company in Burlington, Vermont. Much of what makes Stu's breads unique is due to the mellow leavening action of the sourdough starter he created from local, wild Concord grapes.  Slowrise breads take almost 24 hours from mix to cooling rack, and that long slow development not only enhances the flavor but also has important health benefits. 

From the beginning, Stu and John have been committed to starting a business that created the best baked goods, would take care of its employees and give back to the community, while at the same time creating a space for people to meet, to talk and to organize around important social, cultural and political issues. Now, with over 50 employees, the dreams of Stu and John have become a reality.