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One Culture Foods

Hansen Shieh, Sauce Boss

Hansen Shieh grew up in the San Gabriel Valley of LA which arguably has the best Chinese food outside of Asia. Living with his grandma in the house and being surrounded by restaurants serving regional delicacies around every corner and in every strip mall, he just assumed that everyone grew up with such an embarrassment of ethnic food-riches in and out of the home. As he realized this was not the case, he saw an opportunity to create a platform to make these more ambitious flavors and ingredients more accessible and approachable to the home cook.

Hansen created One Culture Foods to provide a convenient and exciting way for people to bring ambitious ethnic flavors into their home kitchens. His debut line of New American Sauces are pour-and-stir cooking sauces that deliver nuanced, restaurant-quality flavors like Chinese fermented black beam, first-press ‘extra virgin’ fish sauce, and buzzy gochujang.

All of One Culture Foods' versatile sauces are made with wholesome, gmo-free ingredients- nothing artificial or that you can’t pronounce. They are meticulously balanced so that all you have to do is decide what you want to cook then pour, stir, and eat.