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Salt of the Earth Bakery

Alexandra Joseph Rabbani

Salt of the Earth Bakery is a family affair and a labor of love.  While Haskel spent 17-hour days studying for the bar exam, Alexandra toiled away in the kitchen making sweets to help him power through. After a lot of tweaking, a dash of salt and some serious quality testing on Haskel’s part, “The Cookie” was born.

Salt of the Earth Bakery elevates classic chocolate treats by pairing the right chocolate with unique salts and spices to bring out a one-of-a-kind flavor. Each treat is paired with a specially selected artisanal sea salt that brings out the pop in the flavor and elevates the snacking experience.

Salt of the Earth Bakery's entire product line is all-natural and certified Kosher (OK-D). 

Alexandra and Haskel live in New York City with their tasting team, Orli 6, Joseph 4 and Liat 2.

Everything a cookie always wanted to be! ™