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Spice Tree Organics

Freda Nokaly and Doaa Elkady

Spice Tree Organics was started by two health conscious, NYC moms with a passion for bold flavor and global cuisine. Doaa and Freda's mutual love of food led them to be known amongst their friends for their prowess in the kitchen. They were constantly asked for their recipes and would share little baggies of home made spice blends with friends so they could recreate their dishes at home. Instead of starting a catering company or another food service business, as they were often encouraged to do, they decided to combine their strengths in different global cuisines and empower people to create delicious meals at home using spice mix recipes they've perfected and have been using for years.

Spice Tree Organics believes organic spices are transformative, not only giving your food exceptional flavor, but boosting your health in the process. Each of their blends was tried, tested, and perfected in their kitchens for years. They source the highest quality organic spices, whole toast them, grind them, and hand blend them in small batches so that you receive them at the peak of freshness. The combination of freshly grinding and blending the best quality organic spices allows their products to stand apart, and customers repeatedly say that their blends don't compare to anything they have in their cupboards.