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The Saucey Sauce Company

Ken and Toan Huynh by Dave Paek Photography

The Saucey Sauce Co. produces a line of home-style, ready-to-serve Vietnamese sauces. These all-natural savory sauces are made with 100% fresh produce sourced as locally as possible.

Ken and Toan Huynh are a brother/sister team who use premium, first-press Asian fish sauce, carefully blended with flavorful ingredients such as garlic, chilies and ginger to create the dynamic savory flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. For these siblings, artisanal means using the best ingredients as well as a lot of love and care, just as their Mom and Grandmom did before them.

These sauces are great as a savory light salad dressing, marinade, cooking, dipping and finishing sauce. These savory, sweet and (sometimes) spicy flavors compliment any meal!