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UNNA Bakery

Ulrika Pettersson

Ulrika Pettersson grew up in the north of Sweden where she learned how to bake traditional Swedish “small” cookies by watching her mother and grandmother. The Swedish fika and kafferep tradition is almost two hundred years old and the recipes for these cookies have been passed down through generations. This is why every Unna Bakery cookie is handmade with the finest ingredients (most of them organic) and no preservatives. The name comes from the Swedish word “unna” which loosely translates to “indulge”.

Before starting Unna Bakery, Ulrika worked as a graphic designer. It wasn't until she moved to New York with her husband and 2 girls that she got the opportunity to start her own bakery. Unna Bakery cookies are made at the incubator Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City. All of Unna Bakery Cookies are handmade in small batches, carrying on the Swedish tradition of elegant cookies with lots of artisanal love.