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Zia Green Chile Company

Nate Cotanch

In New Mexico, Green Chile is more than just a cuisine -- it's a way of life, and a piece of home. Green Chile is extremely deep rooted in the history, culture, cuisine, and economy of the State of New Mexico, yet rarely known outside of the Southwest Region.

Known for it's flame roasted and smoke-kissed flavor, Green Chile is mainly used for culinary purposes to bring a spicy and addictive flavor to virtually anything in as intimate a way as desired.

Nate Cotanch, whose roots are from a family of 17 children north of Santa Fe, started Zia Green Chile Company in the Fall of 2014 as one of the Vendors at Brooklyn's renowned and selective food market, Smorgasburg, introducing an entirely new flavor palette to New York City. Since then, Zia Green Chile Company has built a system to introduce the seasonal, region specific crop from farms in Southern New Mexico nationwide and into your pantry.

Zia Green Chile Company's products are New Mexico Certified, vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of any artificial preservatives!