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Photo by Josh Gosfield


Valentina founded Many Kitchens in 2012. She is the author of Recipes from Many Kitchens and a contributor for, Tasting Table and the Observer's Very Short List. In 2014 she gave a TEDx talk on competition and economies of scale. At Many Kitchens, Valentina strives to bring together a community of people who care deeply about where and how their food is made and introduce them to producers of local, sustainable, and always delicious gourmet food. Many Kitchens promotes these amazing producers by telling their incredible stories and showcasing their products; all helping them to gain the national audience they so richly deserve.

Before founding Many Kitchens, Valentina enjoyed a long and exciting career in book publishing, most recently as Vice President of International Sales and Marketing at Penguin. Her work has taken her around the world and allowed her to explore the culinary delights of nearly every continent. However, her true passion comes back to her first love – Italian food, especially pasta and you can find many of her family’s recipes on the Many Kitchens blog.

Photo by Elle Nicole

AURORA SATLER, Creative Director

Aurora found her way into this kitchen by searching for the perfect recipe to combine her dual degrees from NYU and the Institute of Culinary Education. Coming from the Pacific Northwest, she is a true do-it-yourself kind of girl who cooks with gusto and doesn’t mind hunting for her dinner. Her survival instincts have served her well in New York where she has made her mark as a James Beard Scholarship recipient, head of her own catering company, and writer for Chile Pepper Magazine. She also works as an on-camera chef and you may have seen her (or just her hands) in numerous tutorials on your favorite grocery staples. Aurora believes the best way to show affection is to cook for someone or if that’s not your forte to shop brilliantly. With Many Kitchens she has found a way of sharing delicious and conscientious food and working on a project she believes in to her core.

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Jeremy started his career in theatre as a lighting and sound technician and designer. His time on Broadway had to wait as his interest in radio peaked. He then became experienced IT executive with over a decade’s worth of experience in the technology and media space, most recently as VP of IT with Westwood One Radio Network, Jeremy has overseen hardware, software, and network installations for both large and small businesses. His love of food – especially the spicy and the weird – stemmed from a childhood spent trying to surpass his Uncle Billy’s tolerance for spice, trips to Long Beach where he experienced a slurp of the ocean’s bounty trying raw clams for the first time, and a college decision to finally get over his serious dislike of mushrooms. From that victory on there was no fear when it came to Schumacher and food. Crickets, scorpion, and goat brain would soon follow as he developed his lifelong love affair with food – in all its wondrous incarnations.