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Apricot Bitters
Apricot Bitters Apricot Bitters

Apricot Bitters

Cecil & Merl

Cecil & Merl Apricot Bitters is the latest addition to their collaboration with Brooklyn-based master bartender Justin Lane Briggs. Produced in small batches by hand, using only raw and natural ingredients, these Apricot Bitters are mellow and round up front with bold, sun-ripened apricot tones, a hint of cinnamon and rosemary warmth, and a clean, bitter finish.

The Apricot Bitters’ distinct flavor works well with aged rum, gin, and genever, and especially bourbon. Try Cecil & Merl Apricot Bitters in an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan, an Apricot Collins, or your favorite summer cocktail.



Mer Du Japon: This cocktail comes to us from the master bartender at the wonderful James Restaurant in Brooklyn and is made with yuzu, a tart East Asian citrus fruit.


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