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Brazil Daterra

Brazil Daterra

Brooklyn Roasting Company



12 oz. Can

As Brazil leads the way in the global coffee market, Daterra Estate is a leader in its own right. 

A third of the worlds coffee is grown in Brazil, much of it on farms of the Cerrado, a dry, flat, savannah-like area in Minas Gerais, in the southeastern region of Sao Paulo. Daterra has developed sophisticated systems, incorporating specially-developed software and equipment to methodically select excellent beans at each step of the process, from planting to harvesting to sorting and shipping and beyond. Over 5,000 acres of the estate has been transformed into a wildlife preserve, home to jaguars, giant anteaters, macaws and owls. Workers and their families are provided with homes, education and healthcare, and these responsible standards have greatly improved the lives of the coffee farming community.

Country: Brazil
Region: Sal Paolo
Altitude: 3,600 feet
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Pulp Natural