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Green Piri Piri, Set of 3

Green Piri Piri, Set of 3

Victoria Amory



The original spices found by Portuguese explorers along the ancient spice routes inspire this mild spicy sauce. Crafted with premium ingredients like green chili peppers, freshly pressed olive oil and the perfect combination of spices to elevate your everyday meals into everyday feasts.

Flavorful and spicy but not so much that it hides all the other flavors, you can really taste the different peppers that will enhance your food. This sauce is delicious mixed in with feta cheese to create a sensational dip and spooned over baked potatoes to dress them up.

Ingredients: Green Sweet and Hot Peppers, Lemon Juice, Brown Sugar, Onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Champagne Vinegar, Spices, Salt.


Piri Piri Chicken: spice up your weekday routine.