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Harissa Harissa


Food Snob Inc.

This harissa is prepared in small batches using varieties of peppers, red jalapeño, fresno, cayenne, cherry bomb, and finger house. Ygael always uses fresh, not frozen or dehydrated peppers. Other ingredients include: fresh garlic, virgin olive oil from Greece, spices imported from India and the highest quality tomato paste. Open the jar and you will know the difference.

Be bold and daring when using this product. It is a delicious marinade for chicken, lamb, steak, and fish, it's great with vegetarian dishes and is a great addition to any burger, omelet, pizza, Asian cuisine, or tacos and Latin cuisine.


Harissa Braised Lamb Shank: a dish that takes a little forethought but hardly any effort, the heat mellows with the braising to a multi layered warmth that feels both exotic and homey at the same time. Coming soon!