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Molly & Me Sampler

Molly & Me Sampler

Molly & Me Pecans



Can't decide what flavor you would like? No problem. This large sampler box has a 3 oz. jar of praline, cinnamon sugar, sugar & spice, sneaky hot and roasted salted.


All Molly & Me Pecans are made fresh each week without any additives or preservatives. They are all natural, gluten free and harvested from Kay's own pecan trees as well as local farms then roasted in a cookhouse on Kay's farm.



Kale Salad with Farm Fresh Pecans: The pecans add a perfect pop of heat and crunch to compliment the sweet golden raisins and the tart vinaigrette, resulting in a completely satisfying lunch on a steamy hot day. 

Caramel Pecan Sticky BunsEveryone loves a good sticky bun but not many people have the time or inclination to wait for dough to rise. These are the perfect solution. 

Pecan Apple CrumbleI can never decide which I like more, apple pie or apple crumble and now I don't have to.