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Salsa Variety, 3 Pack

Salsa Variety, 3 Pack

Zukali Mexican Gourmet

3 Pack, 16oz. Wide Mouth Jars

This trio of Xalapa, Cilantro Pineapple and Chipotle Kafe are flavored with fire roasted love to hit all your favorite taste buds!  

The uses are endless but here are some of our favorites:
Salsa Xalapa (heat level, HOT): great on quesadillas, nachos, fajitas, tostadas, chili, chips and just about anything!
Cilantro Pineapple (heat level, MEDIUM): delicious on omelettes, chicken, fish and any dish that could use a bit of cilantro pineapple love.
Chipotle Kafe (heat level, MEDIUM): pairs well with steaks, fish, breakfast egg burritos, and chips.