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Sumatra Gayo Mountain

Sumatra Gayo Mountain

Brooklyn Roasting Company



12 oz. Can

You may be familiar with a Sumatra roast but this coffee has a story as rich as its taste.

Arabica coffee production in Sumatra began in the 18th century under Dutch colonial rule and was first introduced to the northern region of Aceh, around Lake Tawar. The Permata Gayo Cooperative was formed in 2006 by 50 coffee farmers spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district of Aceh. Farmers were brought together by collective hardship. A decade-long civil war had only recently ended, and in 2004 a 9.2 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Sumatra triggered a devastating tsunami, completely wiping out farms and villages. The purpose of the cooperative was to kick-start production again with a focus on organic farming, which would not only benefit the health and well-being of the surviving communities, but would also raise valuable premiums needed to rebuild and reinvest in the area.

Country: Sumatra, Indonesia
Region: Gayo, Aceh
Altitude: 5,800-6,600 feet
Varietal: Mandheling Typica, Bourbon, Catimor, Timon hybrid
Process: Natural processed