Hats Off to the Mothers and Fathers of Many Kitchens

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(Top Left: Toan Huynh of The Saucey Sauce Company, Top Right: Nicole Ebbitt of The Caramel Jar, Bottom Left: Melissa Vitelli of Jar Goods and Bottom Right: Michael Steifman of Stuart & Co.)


Having a new puppy and running Many Kitchens has given me a minuscule insight into what it means to be a working parent. As I try to write this, my arm is being gnawed and paws are typing unintelligible streams of letters on my laptop. At Many Kitchens we are fortunate enough to showcase many incredible producers who somehow muster the insane energy and passion to not only work to grow their brands but also raise small children. This Mother’s Day we wanted to honor the members of our community who don’t have an off switch. We are so proud to work with such hardworking and insanely talented Mothers, Fathers and Artisans. This week goes out to you!

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