Introducing Daisy

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For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a slight shift from the culinary to the canine. On November 14th, I adopted Daisy, a 12 week old scruffy mutt through the wonderful people at Social Tees who rescued her and her litter from a kill shelter in Tennessee. Part angel, part feral beast, she has turned my life upside down and inside out. Thanks to her, I laugh more, I smile more and couldn’t love her more even though she has ripped my sofa to shreds along with several pairs of shoes.



This weekend, I brought Daisy to a sibling reunion with a few of her littermates. They all looked so different with such individual personalities. I’d like to think they recognized each other but it’s hard to tell with Daisy as she plays with every dog like they’re her long lost sibling. It was heartwarming to see her reunited with her family and meet the other adopters who have, like me, made these dogs a central part of their lives.



In honor of Daisy and all the other wonderful and loving pups, I wanted to expand our products at Many Kitchens to offer gourmet pet food. We’ve been working with the wonderful Pai at Bunches & Bunches for a while but only just started offering their dog biscuits. Pai named the biscuits after her first dog, Bailey. And now, we’ve started working with Danielle and Dyana who recently launched Barklyn Organics with their dog Baci. Barklyn offers a line of 100% hormone free, free range, locally sourced dog food. Daisy will pretty much do anything I ask of her if I’m holding a piece of their Chicken Jerky. I hope your pets will enjoy these treats as much as Daisy has.

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