Mer Du Japon

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Whether you like to spend New Year’s Eve out and about or hiding from the craziness (like I do), it’s fun to ring in the new year with a sip of something special. This cocktail comes to us from the master bartender at the wonderful James Restaurant in Brooklyn and is made with yuzu, a tart East Asian citrus fruit. James’ sister company, Cecil & Merl, have a fantastic line of bitters that we’re so pleased to be selling on Many Kitchens. We’ve included it in our Cocktail Gift Box that could just as easily be a Mocktail Gift Box for you teetotalers. A dash or two of their bitters can make a seltzer water taste like an exotic cocktail. Here’s wishing you a very happy 2016 – may it be a tasty one!


Mer Du Japon

Makes 1 drink


1/4 oz yuzu juice (worth finding fresh or bottled but at a pinch you can use a mixture of orange and lime)

3/4 oz vanilla liqueur

1 1/2 oz vodka

1/4 oz simple syrup

5 dashes Cecil & Merl Apricot Bitters



Build this cocktail in a champagne flute by adding one ingredient at a time and topping with C & M Apricot Bitters and soda.

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