Super Bowl with Many Kitchens

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Football holds great importance in my household. My husband is a diehard Giants fan and we actually met as the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2008. Needless to say I caught him at a weak moment when his emotions were soaring high. With another Super Bowl under our belts in 2012, the year we got married, it was fairly clear to me that I was one hell of a good luck charm.


Years of dating my husband taught me quite a lot about the game. I can now scream at the TV for bogus calls: “that’s home field advantage, no way was that first down!” or yell out when I see the opposing team foul (because you’re apparently supposed to turn a blind eye when your own guy ‘horse collar tackles’ his opponent).


I can also lay down a mean spread on game day. And since it will never be a meal to garner you much praise — too many eyes glued to the screen — I have learned the wonderful rule of set it and forget it. Big platters, generous portions and let everyone fend for themselves.


This year, several of our producers have shared their game day favorites. We hope you enjoy and may the football gods shine in your favor.

Top Burger Toppings

Texas pickles
Maple syrup glazed bacon
Isot Pepper rubbed into burger pattie
Spicy Garlic infused Vietnamese sliders
Vidalia jam

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